Black Pearl

Colors and shapes from nature, selected materials, stylish, fashionable design with its own signature and a core idea that characterises the brand and our jewelry:

Every woman has a personality
- an individual beauty -
which is her very own treasure.
The piece of jewelry becomes a mirror image, gets a soul, shows character and underlines her individuality.
This is what makes langani unique with its black pearl.
langani and the black pearl have formed a symbiosis for a long time. On every necklace, earring and bracelet there is a black pearl, which underlines langani's exclusive note and unique style.
The "Black Pearl" has been the trademark of langani since 1958 and has been protected internationally ever since. langani connoisseurs know the importance of this special detail.
The history of "black pearls" is also shrouded in mystery. This philosophy of langani is also reflected in the jewelry and invites you to dream.

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