Company History


Anni Schaad gathered everything she found to be remarkable and enchanting: Colorful paper scraps, feathers, flowers, shells and unusual stones, glass beads and sequins. Then it all fit into a shoebox that she had saved until the war ended- now countless materials fill the shelves.
Her maiden name, Anni Lang, inspired the new company’s brand name – langani with the Black Pearl.  The black bead found on eachlangani piece is a recognizable symbol of the piece’s uniqueness and authenticity.
Her initial success at the Frankfurt Fair in 1952 gave Anni Schaad the encouragement to continue. With the brooch „Fleur d’amour“ – a bouquet of flowers made ​​of beads and little glass birds – she further delighted international audiences in 1953.
The 60s at langani were focused on glass beads in all imaginable colors and shapes that were blown by hand in our own workshop. The glassworks produced beads in the striking colors of contemporary art, which was a dramatic departure from the standard gem colors of the day.

The lightness of langani’s invention, the “floating beads” – in which beads are strung on nylon threads so that they appear to be dancing on the skin – complimented the Zeitgeist of a fashion conscious and provocative youth culture that rounded off their wardrobes withlangani pieces.

Thus langani made fashion jewelry popular.


The ’70s were marked by an incredible wealth of material: Precious stones, antique lampwork beads, beads made ​​from hand-carved bone, rhinestone and infinite variations of coral, shell and mother of pearl combined with exotic fruit pods, delicate feathers, sea urchin spines, ostrich egg shells, horn, leather and alpaca … and also oddly shaped rare woods. Precious metals and even synthetic materials complemented the mix of materials and created a variety of unique pieces of jewelry.
Designing and manufacturing jewelry collections for the haute couture and prêt à porter fashion shows of the house of „Louis Féraud, Paris“ was a breakthrough to becoming a “brand of elegance“ for langani.
The shrill fashion trend of the androgynous female image with bright colors and unnatural-sectional shapes dominated the 80’s. In contrast, however, a folkloric feminine style also had its place.
Langani at this time worked straight, harsh chains, colored plexiglass elements, rubber and rubber hoses – far away from their original use – into fascinating chokers, wrapped with silk thread and fitted with rhinestones. But even natural materials such as horn, colored leg bands and embroidered and brocade borders were used to connect the two styles in an unusual way.
Anni Schaad’s daughter, Susanne Kiess-Schaad, took over direction of „langani with the Black Pearl” after the death of the founder of the company in December 1988 and has a dedicated team of designers by her side.


The 90s – the unadorned decade. Fashion was pure – stylists and photographers refused all accessories. With extraordinary ideas,langani still inspired the ladies. Painted glass including brooches with filigree frames appeared like tiny masterpieces. Magical miniature worlds arose – our own new creation, beads made of wire „wrapped around air“ opened up many creative possibilities.
The first decade of the new millennium brought back the vibrations and trends of past decades. Mandatory styles, which dictated fashion trends and were considered „en vogue“ ceased to exist. On the contrary, although there was a „current trend“ each woman was free to interpret it her way. Each piece of langani jewelry emphasized the individuality of a woman.
langani’s new collections emphasize different styles. Large expressive ball chains, simple, classic and elegant necklaces, long chains, and single-and multi-row gems – coordinated with cuffs and earrings, creating a harmonious whole.
langani jewelry has a unique charm today as before. With great attention to detail, sensitivity to color choice and material, as well as technical perfection, it is still designed and handcrafted in the studio and workshop in Stuttgart, Germany.

The immortal, timeless beauty of the annually changing collections delight the eyes and a new langani is a must! langani is „a must have, a jewel of the joy of life“ and many of the pieces have become coveted collector’s items.